Medical Spectacles and Missing Links, Revisited

Last year, when I was deciding how to present my paper on hypertrichosis, I was wishing I had a tool like Timeline. It would have been a really nice way to organize the media that I had, in a way that also would have helped to show a progression through time. Given the opportunity to present some version of this paper again, I would definitely take advantage of this tool. Both timelines and story maps allow their users to “do history” in a way that is interactive and gives a visual representation of concepts (time and space) that are not always easy to grasp through words alone. With this in mind, I’ve started to do some basic organization in Timeline to see how my hypertrichosis research might look in a visual format. One thing I really like is how easily I can see the overlap in the lives of the women I am studying – which has potential connections to my current project for this class. What are the chances that some of these women met each other, or even worked together – for example, Krao and Percilla, whose lives overlapped by 15 years? Here’s my timeline, so far.


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