For the visualization section, I chose to work with Tableau (here is my visualization). This is a program I know is used at Creighton, but until now, I had not had an opportunity to work with it myself, and I thought it would make sense to get some experience with it. The tutorial was very easy to follow, and I was able to complete it successfully with the exception  of a couple of tiny steps, due to the fact that the person who created the tutorial was using a different version than the one that downloaded. For the most part though, I was able to follow along, and locate all of the menu options I needed.

In “Principles of Information Visualization,” the authors mention that “visualizations are increasingly common and seem to play a role in successfully passing peer review, receiving funding, or catching the public eye.” I found this to be a very helpful insight and one that I will keep in mind for my own work.

Now that I have a new plan for my final project, I’m ready to dive in and start working with the data. The data set that I will be begin with is the 1872 season of P.T. Barnum’s Great Traveling Exposition and World’s Fair.


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