Carto’s Making Me Crazy

For my project, I am tracing the route of the 1872 season of P.T. Barnum’s Great Traveling Exposition & World’s Fair using the mapping software, Carto. Once the map is complete, I will embed it into a WordPress site. The most frustrating aspect of my project has definitely been the volatile, counter-intuitive nature of Carto. It seems like every time I open the program, something has broken, or a change I made has reverted. The program itself also just seems unnecessarily complicated and does not guide the user in any way. Getting sick also didn’t help. I lost some valuable time in class working on my project.

Meeting with Dr. Appleford and working through these issues always helps, at least until the next thing breaks. We will definitely need to meet at least one more time before the end of the semester. My next step is to add some descriptions and images to my spreadsheet. I have this tutorial to help with the info-windows. After that, I’ll need help embedding the map into a WordPress site.


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